Get Out of Your Own Way


How is someone in their own way?

Trust me. We’ve all been there.


Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but you’re so scared to? Have you ever started a new job you wanted so bad and became anxious and psyched yourself out so bad that you quit after two weeks or even on slipped out on the first day during lunch? Have you ever put off your aspirations or goals because you “don’t have the time/money” right now? Have you ever made an excuse for yourself to do something later or not at all?

Probably one (if not all,) of the above, right?

I bet you’ve heard the saying “one day, or day one,” before. Keep it in mind with everything you do from this point forward in your life.

Being in your own way and holding yourself back from achieving goals and being where you want to be can leave you constantly looking back and wishing you had done things differently.

You want to be a hairstylist but you’re 35 and working as a lawyer? Who cares, do it. You’re 23 and think you have to have your life together? Try again. Nobody has it 100% together. Keep going. Keep changing. Don’t be stagnant.

Whatever you want to do – do it. You can always change who you are, because you’re in control of your own life. You’re the CEO of your own damn life. Write down your goals/dreams/aspirations. Work towards them. Reflect on them. Evaluate. Hustle even harder & get out of your own damn way!

“Shut up. You’re not the boss of me. I’m the CEO of my own life!”
– Jaii K. Bhamra

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