What Love Really Is

For years, maybe even my entire life, I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of feelings, a general meaning even.

I came across the hardest word to describe; love.

What is it? I find that love is something people don’t normally know. Love is a mysterious man looking for a woman in a black dress at midnight in a bar full of passion and drunks. Love is that burning sensation you get when you’ve realized you’ve accomplished something that you’ve dreamed of for your whole life.

Love is balanced by pain. I strongly believe that if you love without hurt, without pain, you do not truly love at all. For every good, there must be or has been an equal bad. (Equal balance.) Now, can you feel that way about another? Now, can you get that burning passion, that drunk lust, the balance of good and bad? Love can make people do crazy things.

Love, (shared with another human,) is not just presents and exchanged “I love you’s.” It’s fighting for and with each other, it’s picking up a treat for him or bringing her a coffee on your way home without asking. It’s as simple as putting the toilet seat down and as complicated as continuing an arguement for the sake of communicating so you don’t have to feel disengaged. Love is sharing the blankets, giving her your last onion ring, giving him a back rub after a long day, sharing words about your day, your goals, your dreams, your fears, your world – over coffee, wine or protein shakes.

Love is as simple as those three simple words, and more complex than saying them for the very first time, and there are certainly not enough words in the world to try and describe you. love.


“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
– Marilyn Monroe