30-Day Water Challenge

We all know how crucial it is to stay hydrated to survive and basic beauty affects it has like keeping your skin and lips supple, hydrated and glowing.  It can be hard to drink plain water if you don’t already have a habit of it.  I made drinking water easier by making it a habit of when I’m bored at work or need a break instead of picking up my phone and texting. Find a water bottle you absolutely adore and love to carry around.

Here’s a challenge to schedule drinking water into your daily routine.

Drink 300-500ml or so at a time. (Don’t chug! Sip!)

After waking up.
30 minutes before breakfast.
1 hour after breakfast.
40 minutes before lunch.
1 hour after lunch.
During a tea/coffee break.
30 minutes before dinner.
1-hour before you snooze.

Keep your water bottle full and close-by.  Sip throughout the day and carry it everywhere you go! Instead of your 2pm coffee, opt for a green tea!

Your skin, hair and body will thank you.  You may even shed some pounds and you’ll feel great!