High Heels & High Standards

2017 is already more than a quarter through and Spring is here.  The freshest start of the year, spring cleaning, excitement, new beginnings. I don’t necessarily choose the first day of the year or season or month to make changes in my life, but Spring tends to be a consistent time of the year to push myself to reevaluate, detox & take action on new things.

Sometimes, I need to take an extra day or two off of work to complete a few personal tasks to declutter my environment and mind.  I thought I’d share some strategies I use to do so, (the decluttering part I mean.) Whether you are launching a business, going back to school, trying to make lifestyle changes, reinventing yourself, you have to get your shit together and align your mind, body & spirit for the challenges to come.

Whether it’s once a week at-home facials, washing your hair, getting a manicure and eating junk-food and binge-watching your new favourite Netflix series or reading a book, take care of yourself.  Set aside time for yourself. I use to have FOMO, (fear of missing out,) and never turn down plans and I would forget about myself. Nowadays, I realize how much time to oneself is so crucial, even mentally. Whether you need a hair appointment, a pedicure anything, don’t think you’re being vain, you’re allowed to put yourself first. Look beautiful, feel beautiful, and radiate confidence. A day or ever just a few hours to just appreciate yourself and treat yourself is essential.

Get Organized
Remember as a kid or even in college, every September you’d organize and pack your bag and be ready to take on the new year? Treat it like that. Get organized, declutter, have your essentials and be ready to take on the world and face all the challenges that are about to come at you in your new venture. Shred old bills, file your paperwork, pay off debts and create new action plans! I’m a huge fan of multi-purpose agendas. I bought this great 18-month 2016-2017 one from Marshalls/TJX for $10 last year where I can write out my schedule per each day, notes for the week and my weekly to-do list. It also has monthly calendars to write in and annual ones to reference 2016, 2017, 2018. The perfect planner for you can make or break your organization and productivity.

All those e-mail offers from memberships you no longer care about or are a part of, or that store you made an online purchase at once can become annoying as you delete them all one-by-one. Not to mention, they most likely get you thinking and spending more money on things you didn’t actually need or they waste a lot of your time as it’s so easy to become distracted nowadays with the internet and infinite access at your fingertips. The best thing to do once in a while is just go through your inbox and unsubscribe from everything you no longer need.

Reward yourself
Treat yourself.  Whether it’s a chocolate, a latte, a new purse, a new pair of shoes, an indulgence of your choice. With every success, there comes a reward.  If you’ve been working hard and taking care of business, this goes back to self-care, do something for yourself. Treat yourself and take care of yourself. If’ we’re working hard every single day with no reward, things get tough, use these rewards as motivation and positive reinforcement.

Write out your goals/visions
This one has always been an important one for me.  You need to know what your goals are and what end-result you want, only from there you’ll be able to make action plans to accomplish your goals, (or decide if they are unrealistic.)  We all know about “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely,) and it’s a very basic and realistic way to set up goals.  Once you know what you want, you just need to figure out how to get it. Write it down, remember it, reflect on it, work for it.

Wherever you are in life, is where you are meant to be. Everything in life happens for a reason and has funny ways of working its own magic. My parents have been a strong believer of this and taught me to never worry if something didn’t go as planned, it means something else was meant for you. Now this also does not mean you should just live life as it passes you by, you need to be determined and know what you want and keep moving forward.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”  – Marilyn Monroe