Sunday is for; self-care.

If you work a Monday-to-Friday type of job or career, Sunday’s are usually the day you do… well, nothing.  Treat yourself, you deserve it.  I bang out all my house-work and chores on Thursday and Friday night, work my part-time job Saturday morning, and if I can, I try to leave Sunday’s stress-free with minimal to do to be ready for Monday morning.

As I’ve hit my mid-20’s, I try to take more care of myself. Mentally, physically, you name it. From what I eat and drink to how I treat my skin and trying to get at least 6-hours of sleep a night while maintaining what feels like 100-priorities in life.

Sunday self-care tips I have for myself that make me feel better and relaxed include:
Sleeping-In, (just a little bit.)
You deserve it after a busy week of work, socializing, starting your own-business, keeping up with family, etc.  Your skin, eyes, mind and body will thank you for the extra rest and recharge.  You will also be surprised how much sleeping-in once a week cane affect your health!

Brunch, (because you slept in.)
A big hearty and nutritious brunch can set out your day and change your eating habits for the week.  Also, you need it to refuel yourself for the busy week ahead and a day of relaxation.

Skin-Care, (surface detox.)
We all know you shouldn’t wear make-up every day and that you need to detox your pores to let your skin breathe.  Try a face-mask suited for your skin and let your skin breathe!

Read, (a book, a blog, a cereal box.)
Keep learning and educating yourself because the more you learn, the more powerful you are and the more you’ll learn you don’t know everything. There is also a bigger world out there.

Relax, (unwind, de-stress.)
It’s your day. Your day for you. Your “[name]-day!” Whatever you like to do on Sundays, do it. Whether it’s cooking, watching a new episode of The Simpsons, under your cozy sheets before bed or whatever. Unwind and relax because you’re already prepared for the week so you have nothing to worry about.

Tidy-Up, (loose ends.)
Tidy up in the morning so you have the whole day to relax and enjoy your home instead of wanting to go out and escape the mess.  A tidy home will also let you be more at peace and productive throughout the week because you won’t be distracted by all of the clutter.

Personal Development
Do something for yourself. Whether it is something you enjoy or trying something new.  For myself, I like to do something I enjoy on Sundays, like going to a new park every week or trying a new coffee shop and writing or going for a drive.


“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” – Unknown, (proverb.)